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200 Hingaia Road Development

Client: Hingaia Estate Limited
Location: 200 Hingaia Road, Karaka

Due to recent increase in demand in housing market, Auckland requires approximately 100,000 houses built by 2020. The project is one of the several subdivisions developments in Karaka, Auckland. The 40weeks long programme of works requires 10000m3 of earthworks and other horizontal infrastructure including, roading, drainage and utilities to be completed to allow for the housing constructions onsite. It includes bulk earthworks of a total area of 3.9ha by effectively managing and minimising the effect of construction on environment and surrounding neighbouring properties. Project earthworks have been separated over two seasons due to the lack of fill material onsite which is obtained as surplus fill from drainage operation. This process from Ross Reid is providing the most cost effective option to the client while minimising cost of importing fill and subsequently having to remove surplus fill offsite after the completion of drainage operation. While Drainage works were always scheduled to be completed over winters, followed by roading over October and November, the splitting of earthworks has minimum impact on programme and we are still on target to complete the works on time.

Project Scope:

The Project scope is as below;

  • Earthworks – 10,000m3 cut/fill
  • Topsoil Stripping – 5000m3
  • Sediment Pond Construction
  • Storm water, and Sewer Construction
  • Roading Infrastructure

Utilities Installation including; Pow