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Sylvia Park Shopping Complex

Client: Kiwi Properties
Location: Mt Wellington, Auckland

Sylvia Park shopping complex was one of the most successful shopping complex developments in the Auckland region. The project value was $40 million and comprised site works for a shopping complex development over a 22-hectare site. The works involved were managing the truck movements, about 3000 vehicles per day, in and out of the project sites, directing material suppliers’ trucks to the right location and preparing/implementing traffic management plans during pavement widening, tie-in works on the very busy Mt Wellington Highway. Significant sheet piling works and dewatering were carried during construction.

Project Scope:
  • Earthworks involved 60,000m3 of cut to fill and cut to waste of about 80,000m3. A significant quantityof contaminated material was carted offsite to an approved landfill.
  • Drainage totalled 5000m of 225mm to 1800mm diameter stormwater pipes to a maximum invert depth of 4.5m; 2500m of 150mm to 375mm diameter sewer pipes.
  • Pavement works included subgrade trimming (210,000m2); 150mm thick subbase (130,000m2) for buildings; surfacing 30mm asphalt (80,000m2)
  • Culverts and structures involved construction of a 500m long box culvert using 4.5m x 1.5m and 3m x 2m precast units. Insitu concrete transition structures were constructed, i.e. bends, inlets and outlets. A timber pole retaining wall was constructed adjacent to Mt Wellington Highway.