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474 Redoubt Road Subdivision, Flatbush

Client: Murphy’s Developments Ltd
Location: Flatbush, Auckland

The site is 22.9ha and located at 474 Redoubt Road and 125d Murphy’s road, Flatbush. It is run as a farm lifestyle block, predominately covered in pasture with pockets of native bush mostly located in the gully areas.

The project requires 40 Lots ranging from 1050m2-9000m2.

The site topography ranges from rolling to steep, there are several steep gullies with ridgelines that access the top and bottom. The underlying soil is generally soft clays.

The roads, accessways and Lots are in areas that require geotechnical stability. A mix of palisade retaining walls, geotechnical underfill drainage (Counterfont drains) and buttressed fill are required to ensure inherent stability for these components of the project.

Key components of the project are:

Ø  Cut/Fill on steep undulating terrain

Ø  Counterfont Drains

Ø  Palisade Walls

Ø  Geo-tech Benches

Ø  Storm water and Waste water installation

Ø  A large retention pond with gabion walls.

Ø  Water mains installation

Ø  Utility reticulation.