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Anselmi Ridge Subdivision

Client: McConnell Properties
Location: Anselmi Ridge, Pukekohe

The project is a residential development for McConnell Properties.

Project Scope:
  • Earthworks: The project involved large-scale earthworks including topsoil stripping and respreading (40,000m3); cut to fill (178,000m3, of which 70,000m3 was R2 rock); cut to waste (10,000m3). The works for a residential subdivision development was divided by an existing stream. Works were carried out on both sides of the stream and a significant volume of material was carted across the stream. The cut depths varied between 0.5m and 8m. The top layer, about 1.5m, consisted of good quality material, while the material beneath was welded tuff which was very difficult to rip. Heavy plant such as a 65-tonne excavator was used to excavate this material.
  • Bridge Construction: Works involved construction of insitu concrete deck road bridge, precast abutment walls and barriers. The bridge was constructed to carry a two-lane road across the stormwater quality pond. The precast abutments had boardwalk finish and were built on concrete footings, and tied back with geogrids as part of the abutment fill. Services such as water, power and telecom were carried through the ducts within the footpath and under the concrete deck.
  • Pavement and surfacing: 6500m2 of pavement construction with membrane seal and asphalting, from pre-formed subgrade to finish level; 300mm of sub-basecourse (GAP 65) with 150mm basecourse (TNZ AP40 M4). All construction was completed to tight geometric tolerances and to strict compaction requirements (in all cases meeting or exceeding Clegg hammer and Benkelman beam requirements). This illustrates our capability in constructing a wide variety of pavements in varying geotechnical environments. In all cases, a sound pavement was constructed.