Red Beach Stage 1

Project Progress

Client: Fletcher Residential Ltd
Location: Red Beach, Auckland

Ross Reid was contracted to carry out the earthworks, drainage,  storm water quality, ponds, parks, retaining walls, an intersection upgrade and signalisation, roading and reticulation for 100 residential lots of approx 450m2 each. The design was for flat lots with small retaining walls on an easy grade.

The site was part of the Peninsula Golf Course which included a water course for a 70 Ha catchment, two major sewer rising mains, two major sewer gravity lines and multiple storm water lines. These assets all had to be kept going and eventually replaced. The ground conditions were wet and unpredictable. This was overall a complex project, but well managed, having to work with the existing assets and still staying on program with an approximately 18 month contract period. Cooperation between ourselves, the client and the consultant was a key in addressing some of the major unforeseen issues. Ultimately, the client was satisfied with a quality end product.