HBP & WFH Wainui Ramp

Project Progress

Client: WFH Properties Limited
Location: Waimui Road Interchange

Ross Reid Contractors Limited (“Ross Reid”) were engaged by WFH Properties Limited to carry out the Wainui Road interchange works.

The project was implemented on an early contractor involvement basis. During the design phase, most of the risk factors were assessed and the project scope was prepared. Ross Reid were given the opportunity to provide an estimate of the costs and submit cost effective solutions to meet the client’s budget requirements. Woods were the consultants for the project and they provided us with the tender brief.

Ross Reid was required to meet the NZTA and Auckland Transport specifications and requirements. The works involved significant traffic management on the existing SH1 and the local roads. The project was completed with minimum disruption to the residents and to the motorway traffic. Innovative solutions were developed through out the project to avoid disruptions to the traffic and the residents.

The project works were inspected by NZTA and Auckland Transport regularly and the NZTA representative attended weekly project review meetings. Before opening to public, safety audits were carried out by AMA and NZTA as well as independent safety auditors. There were no major defects identified by the auditors and the road was opened to public as planned.

The major works that required proper planning and execution during the construction were:

  • Slip remediation works
  • Strengthening of existing bridge abutments
  • Slip Remediation in the stormwater quality pond
  • Traffic signs and signalisation
  • Street lighting of the State Highway
  • Construction of pavements in winter
  • Construction of pavements within live traffic corridor.
  • Service relocation