443A Ormiston Road

Project Progress

Client: Leading Developments Limited
Location: 443A Ormiston Road


This project consists of two separable portions of bulk earthworks and civil works for a 30 lot residential subdivision. Roads 1,2,3 and 12 are to be constructed in accordance with the Auckland Council’s Engineering Standards and approximately 9 retaining walls are to be constructed.


The project also consist of the following:


  • The clearance of fencing, vegetation, remnants of the dwelling (which has recently been demolished by others) and it's utilities, driveway and parking areas, and removal of the ornamental pond.
  • Bulk Earthworks across the entire site including topsoiling and grassing, as indicated on the drawings.
  • Construction of sealed residential roads, including kerb and channel, footpaths and associated work tying this network into the existing network.
  • Construction of 225mm-675mm diameter stormwater drains in reinforced concrete, including concrete manholes, cesspits, house connections and reticulation to tie into the newly built downstream reticulation
  • Construction of 150mm diameter wastewater drain in PVC, including concrete manholes and house connections as well as connection into the existing reticulation.
  • Installation of 50mm, 100mm, and 150mm diameter uPVC and MOPE watermains, including ridermains, valves, fire hydrants, and associated fittings.
  • Construction of timber pole retaining walls
  • Construction of gravity wall along road 12 - type and design yet to be confirmed.
  • Construction of service trenches for each of power, gas and telecom utilities, including liaison and coordination with all utility service providers.
  • Supply and installation of streetlights as shown on the drawings and as per the required standards.


Project Scope

Earthworks and civil works for a new residential subdivision